Monday, October 24, 2011

I got carried away on pinterest today

I got a little carried away looking at dresses on today. If you don't know, pinterest is a website that lets you link pictures/videos and organizes them into a virtual "bulletin board" type thing. It's a really cool site that you can waste tons of time on. A lot of people use it for wedding ideas/planning and there are a ton of beautiful dresses on it. I use wedding dresses as idea for the basis for my ballroom gowns because they tend to have a more classic look than a lot of the ballroom gowns you can find out there. Also, searching for good pictures of ballroom gowns where you can see details is more difficult than you would think.

So I fell in love with a few dresses:
I love the stoning on the skirt, I'm wondering if I could add some of that to my dress.
I love how the skirt starts right at the natural waist. Very classic and flattering.

So pretty!

And I've had some more thoughts on things I'm going to change. So new sketches to come soon.

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