Monday, November 7, 2011

With skirts!

Now it has skirts! Everyone say ooooooh!

The skirts are 3 half circles per layer (there are two layers) that's just been sewn together using my wonderful serger and then hemmed with crinoline (again, using the serger.) If you are planning to do any appreciable amount of sewing I highly recommend getting a serger. They are amazing and save you so much time. In the process of fitting the skirts though I realized I had a problem: I want the skirts to sit just above my hips so that means the opening needs to be smaller than my hips, but I also am not putting a zipper in so the problem is getting the skirts over my hips so they will stay. My solution is to put in a snap closure so that it can be open while I slide the dress on and then discreetly snap shut under the bodice and be hidden out of sight. That's the next step followed by actually attaching the skirts to the bodysuit.

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