Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teal and mint smooth dress

So I posted a concept picture for this dress a little while ago, and surprisingly, it's stayed relatively true to the original. I decided that the cap sleeves I was going for were just going to look silly in practice so I nixed them and decided to make both gauntlets and bracelets (though I have made neither yet) so that I have options depending on whether it is very warm or not. So here are some pictures of the steps.

the fabric arrives

I forgot to take pictures for a little while... oops!

adding the bodice detail

all stitched together, prior to beading

back- post beading, prestoning

front- post beading, pre stoning

That's as far as I've gotten so far. I'm still waiting on my stones to arrive in the mail and then I'll start stoning!


  1. So lovely! I am seeing a lot more beading like yours - beads or fringe hanging and swaying add visual interest. We saw some fabulous and very over-the-top gowns in Portland OR at the Columbia Star Ball. The web site is: No problem shopping there as they seem to start at $3000 and go up! I have no affiliation at all, but find it is a fun site for inspiration.

    Love your idea of gauntlets and bracelets. You could probably even wear them together. I liked the idea of the caplet sleeve. You might want to try it with a scrap and see how it looks?

    I am doing a Latin gown for a friend now. You can check my blog if interested.

  2. Thank you! I tried the caplet sleeve with a scrap and it didn't look good. I might experiment more with the other fabrics I have lying around, but I might just leave it be.

    I've looked at the fashions for passion dresses and they are very beautiful! They've got very nice intricate bead and stone work.

    I will have to start following your blog! The pink standard gown you made is really quite lovely.

  3. Thanks! It is fun and a bit addicting doing these gowns. I have at least two more in my head waiting to be made.

    Looking forward to seeing some good comp results for you in this dress!