Monday, July 30, 2012

A little mesh, rhinestones, glue, and some clear silicon sealant.

I wanted to make a necklace to go with "Princess Jade" (as I am now going to refer to my new dress) and I tried out a new technique using silicon sealant.

Clear silicon sealant (I believe this was purchased at home depot or the like, it was just sitting in our garage so I'm not 100% certain)
Stretch net/powermesh in the color you want, about 5 pieces big enough to contain your design
Popsicle stick
Mat/board to work on, don't get silicon sealant on anything
Rhinestone glue
Optional: I'm told silicon mold release will protect your work surface, I just used an old cutting board and didn't let it sit long enough to bond to it

 I began with two layers of net and used the silicon sealant to begin to trace out the pattern I wanted the fabric part to take.

I added another layer of mesh on top and using a popsicle stick, smoothed the silicon into the fabric. This will be sticky, it will be messy, and it will smell like vinegar. The silicon releases acetic acid as it cures so don't leave it on your skin. Starting with two layers on the underside kept it from sticking to the mat. Repeat this step, adding a layer of silicon then a layer of net, until your piece is about 5 layers thick. By this point, mine had some good body to it and seemed to be able to hold up well. I believe I left this overnight to cure, though not because it necessarily needed it. If it's still sticky, let it be, if you feel like you can handle it, continue to the next step, which is:

Cut out your shape. I decided to go with a pretty basic shape for my first one and made a scalloped kind of shape. Sharp scissors and slow going are indispensable at this point. Take your time, you'll be glad. After that I used the silicon sealant one last time on the back to give it that kind of rubbery backing that I remember a lot of ballroom jewelry having. Let dry.
The fun part: stone that sucker.

After it the glue is totally dry, trim the excess fabric.

I haven't actually gotten to this step yet, but then I'm going to attach a hook and eye closure to the ends to keep it together.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jade, pink, and mint green dress status: completed!

I need to start naming my dresses. Jade, mint green, and pink is too much of a mouthful. I think I shall name this one "Princess Jade" since I think it looks like a princess dress.

On to the part you're really looking for, pictures of the completed dress!

Front full

Back full
Back close

Front close
Front right side

Spin spin spin!

Thank you to Jon Tongco for taking the pictures!

Stoning in progress shots

So this dress is done and has been for some time now, but I've been having trouble getting a good picture that I feel captures it. I had a friend take a few at practice a week ago, so as soon as I get them from him I'll post them, but here's some in progress stoning shots I took with my cell.