Monday, October 15, 2012

Green Standard Dress Version 2.0

I made the mistake of hanging my green standard dress on my closet door not in a garment bag for a while. After seeing it every night when I went to sleep and every morning when I woke up, I began to notice more and more mistakes and imperfections. Like Frankenstein, my creation stared at me and reminded me of everything I had done wrong again and again.

So it came to the point where I decided I needed to fix it.

My initial plan was to just restone it and hope that would solve a lot of the more glaring mistakes. I attempted to soak the dress in warm water, then tried washing it in the washing machine on warm (in a sewn shut pillow case) and still had not lost a single stone. Apparently I did a really good job with the gluing first time around. I know that acetone will remove the stones, but that means ruining the lycra underneath. As I was ordering fabric for the new pink standard dress, I decided to order a yard of lycra and some extra chiffon in the apple green, since it it now all on clearance. In the meantime as I started working on the pink dress, I realized I did not have enough organza and crinoline trim to do what I wanted with the underskirts. Since my parents will be in London in the next month, I am going to have them bring me more fabric to save the cost of shipping.

This meant that I still needed a dress for DCDI though, and I was not happy enough with the state of the green one to wear it. So I began working on the remakes, version 2.0, of the apple green standard dress. After only two days of work, here is the state:
The pink is just the other dress underneath,  I was too lazy to take it off.
I am going to be taking the organza skirts from the old version and adding them as the bottommost layer of skirts in addition to this layer here. I haven't worked up the courage to actually cut them off the other dress yet though. There's no going back then.

After a third day, the back seam is now sewn, the bodice has the elastic sewn in, and it has tan straps. I have decided to do high mesh gauntlets instead of sleeves with a lycra top, and hang my floats from them. More to come later, but there will be feathers!

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