Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Saga Continues: Green Dress Version 2.0

Chopped in half!
I then proceeded to shorten the organza skirts and soak the bodice in acetone to remove and clean the stones. Gas mask highly recommended for anyone attempting.

Attached to new bodice!

New sleeves. Pleating fine net was a bad idea.

Sleeves AND feathers!

Sleeves and feathers and me!

Belt in process.

I believe this was a total of 21 sew on stones and approximately 10 gross of flatbacks

Front feather rhinestone detailing

Front showing bodice stoning
Bra cups are only pinned in still.
Front side with belt, sleeves detached to stone

Skirt detail

And in motion! I actually remembered to sew in the bra cups so the pins weren't stabbing me the whole time.

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  1. Lovely remake! Green and blue is very hot right now,as are feathers, belts and big sew-on stones. Not to mention the lovely dancing. You have been working hard on that and it really shows.

    Question for you - I have some sew on stones and am finding them tricky to work with. I am thinking of gluing them on first to keep them in place. How did you manage with yours?